Florinef (Fludrocortisone Acetate)
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Florinef 0.1mg

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Florinef 0.1mg

Manufactured by Paladin Labs Inc.

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Florinef Information

Florinef is the drug for the treatment of Adrenogenital syndrome and Addison's disease in all over the world. In case of Adrenogenital syndrome this prevents loosing of salt. In case of Addison's disease it acts as a replacement therapy to treat the low levels of the corticosteroid hormone in our body. When our body is deficient of enough cortisone, cheap Florinef ensures that kidneys retain enough sodium to function. As the drug provides a supplement hormone therapy, side effects are more frequent.

Florinef Side Effects and Precautions

The general side effects of discount Florinef are dizziness, numbness, increased appetite, headache, insomnia, increased sweating, indigestion, stomach pain etc. The consumer must tell the doctor if they encounter any severe side effects after taking Fludrocortisone such as seizures, allergic reactions, changes in menstrual periods, fever, swelling of feet, joint pains, dark stools, severe headaches and muscle pain, vision changes etc.

Dietary salt uptake and potassium supplement are prohibited during the administration of this drug. The drug should be supplied to the children and old people with extra precautions. Consumer should avoid this drug if they are allergic to Fludrocortisone. People who are taking steroid medicine should consult their physician before starting taking this generic drug. Patients having liver and renal diseases, a thyroid disorder, malaria, diabetes, tuberculosis, osteoporosis, muscle disorder like myasthenia gravis, glaucoma, cataracts etc may requires a dose adjustment.

Dosage Information for Florinef

The daily recommended dose of Florinef is 0.1 mg to treat the Addison's disease. The dose may be reduced to 0.05 mg daily if consumer experience hypertension. The dose may be increased up to 0.2 mg daily in case of poor response. In case of Addison's disease it supplied along with cortisone. The daily dose for Adrenogenital syndrome is 0.1 to 0.2 mg daily. You can buy Florinef from North Drug Mart in the form of 0.1 mg tablet.


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