Travatan (Travoprost)
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Travatan 0.004%

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Travoprost 0.004%

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Source Country: United Kingdom • Shipped From: United Kingdom
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Travatan Information

Travatan is used topically as an ophthalmic solution. The drug is synthetic prostaglandin F-2 α analogue. The drug is used for reducing the intra-ocular pressure (IOP). It is used effectively in patients having ocular hypertension or open-angle glaucoma. The drug helps in treating glaucoma (or ocular hypertension) by reducing the IOP. The generic drug acts on the outflow of the ocular fluid. The drug increases the amount of fluid which drains out from the eyes. However, the precise mode of action of the drug is not known clearly. The drug has to be prescribed by a doctor. Also, cheap Travatan are easily obtainable from contracted pharmacies now.

Travatan Side Effects and Precautions

The side effects of Travoprost that you may experience may be less-serious (or common) or serious effects. The less-serious effects of the drug may include headache, mild ocular discomfort, blurred vision, watery eyes, dry eyes, burning or stinging sensation in the eyes. Travatan may also cause a feeling of a foreign body in the eyes, after administering the eye drops. Serious side effects of the drug include swelling, reddening, pain or itching around the eyes. Other serious effects associated with Travoprost are vision changes, chest pain, increased photosensitivity (sensitivity towards light) and discharge or oozing from the eyes. Let your doctor know if you have any allergies (especially in the eyes), before you start the treatment or buy Travatan. The drug is not recommended for pregnant and nursing women without a doctor’s consent.

Dosage Information For Travatan

Travatan is used topically only as an ophthalmic solution. The recommended dose of the drug is one drop to be instilled in each eye (or one eye as directed by the ophthalmologist/ doctor). The drops are instilled only once a day, as frequent use of the drug may reduce the IOP-lowering effect of the drug. It is preferred that the drug be administered in the evening. North Drug Mart gives discount Travatan and the drug is available at a standard dose of 0.004%.


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